Baxter College travel the World Wide Web

Community Ambassadors from Baxter College were asked to take part in the Kidderminster Arts and Food Festival whose theme this year is celebrating 50 years of the moon landing and planet earth.

We thought as the World Wide Web opened up the internet to everyone and connected the world we would demonstrate this an exhib which shows the world connecting with emojis that have almost become a global language.  The footprints represent our digital footprint across the World Wide Web with key messages written on them.

The World Wide Web or the internet has revolutionized the entire world but with all the positivity of using it there are negatives regarding safety, so the display board offers advice and top tips on staying safe.

The display will be available to see until 2nd November in Kidderminster Town Hall

Internet Safety display for KAFF 2019

Safer Internet exhibit for KAFF 2019

Safer Wyre Forest

Safer Wyre Forest

Safer Wyre Forest is committed to reducing crime and ASB to make Wyre Forest a safer place to live, work and visit.


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