My mind matters

Bewdley Community Ambassadors decided their initial topic would be mental health and believed that news of mental health needs to be spread to the younger minds and that places to go for help are made extremely clear.

Together as a team, they choose to use a board to display their information which would be ideal to spread their messages.  A group of researchers gathered information on mental health and the display was put in the most popular place in their school: the Cafeteria, allowing plenty of students to see this further spreading the word. On the first day the Community Ambassadors manned the stand handing out leaflets (with ‘freebies’) full of mental health knowledge which were also pinned up across the school. For the rest of the week, we left it unmanned allowing people to read or glance at it without pressure from their peers.


Safer Wyre Forest

Safer Wyre Forest

Safer Wyre Forest is committed to reducing crime and ASB to make Wyre Forest a safer place to live, work and visit.


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