Actions have Consequences

The Community Ambassadors from King Charles have been raising awareness on Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) prior to the school holidays.

The campaign included delivering a presentation to the tutor groups covering the different types of ASB that young people tend to be involved in, how it affects others and the consequences.

The students were asked to complete an Anti-Social Behaviour survey over the lunchtime period to see what they understood by that term.

Most people could answer all the questions but some were still unsure of what it was, with help from our PCSO Stacey Fincher surveys were completed. In exchange for the completed survey they were given a free gift (e.g. pens, pencil and mini bins).

The survey was done on the last day of term, to keep the thought fresh in young people’s mind over the week of the May half term.

ASB Awareness raising at KC1

Safer Wyre Forest

Safer Wyre Forest

Safer Wyre Forest is committed to reducing crime and ASB to make Wyre Forest a safer place to live, work and visit.


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