Community Ambassador Resources Available to Download

Community Ambassador Templates

2018-2019 Information sheet for prospective Community Ambassadors

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2018-2019 Job Description/Nomination

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Evaluation & Campaign Assessment Form

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Community Ambassador Poster

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Community Ambassador Logo

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Community Ambassador Training Resources

Presentation Training

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Community Ambassadors Training Presentation

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Anti Social Behaviour

Actions have Consequences - ASB Presentation

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Safer Internet Day Resources

Safer Internet Day 2018 - The Bewdley School

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Safer Internet Day Logo 2019

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Internet Safety - Baxter College

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Safer Internet Day 2017 Presentation - The Bewdley School

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Safer Internet Day - Key campaign messages

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Domestic Abuse Resources

White Ribbon Presentation 2018 - The Bewdley School

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White Ribbon Presentation - King Charles

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White Ribbon Information - Baxter College

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White Ribbon Campaign 2017 - The Bewdley School

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White Ribbon Presentation - King Charles

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Crime Prevention Resources

Fearless Presentation - King Charles

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Loan Shark Postcard

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Don't get bitten by a Loan Shark

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Lethal Highs - Get the Facts From Frank

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Personal Safety Resources

Staying Safe - King Charles 1

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CSE #TellSomeone Presentation

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CSE - Tell Someone Poster

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CSE - Be Aware leaflet

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Quiz Answers - How well can you look out for yourself?

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Hate Crime Resources

Stand up and be counted

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Stand together against hate crime

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Hate Crime Information Leaftet

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Hate Crime Awareness Poster - North Worcestershire

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Halloween & Firework Safety Resources

Halloween poster - Baxter College

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Spooktacular Halloween Slide - Baxter College

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Halloween & Bonfire Safety Presentation - Baxter College

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Spooks and Sparklers

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Bonfire Night & Halloween Safety Presentation - The Bewdley School

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Anti Bullying Resources

Anti-Bullying Presentation - King Charles 1

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Anti Bullying Presentation 2017 - Baxter College

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Anti-Bullying Presentation

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Health, Wellbeing & Citizenship

New Year Resolutions - King Charles 1 School

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Self Care and Support

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Drug and Alcohol Presentation - Baxter College

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Mental Health presentation

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Lethal Highs - Get the Facts From Frank

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A Crime Free Christmas

Crime Free at Christmas

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Christmas Crime Menu

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