#TellSomeone Workshops!

On Thursday 28th March 2019, we attended the “#TellSomeone” workshops at Stourport High School along with Community Ambassadors from SHS, King Charles, The Bewdley School and Wolverly CE Secondary School.
This was an amazing experience for us all as we got to see the different ways to deliver a workshop to students depending on the audience, also to see how it can be made as less boring as possible. We found the different workshops interesting, fun and interactive and the energy that was being delivered throughout the presentations and the effort put into them and how they were delivered was reflected in the response of the students.
We would love to be able to bring some of these techniques and strategies back to our school (Baxter College) and hopefully get some workshops in and get an opportunity to not only observe them but also learn from them. Maybe in the rest of the academic year (2018/19) we can put some of these strategies into work and help students give advice.
From the Community Ambassadors at Baxter College we would like to thank not only the staff at Stourport High School but also their Community Ambassadors and the professionals made that day possible.
Baxter College

Baxter College

Baxter College is a mixed secondary school with academy status located in Kidderminster.


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